Gusan Ashot

 (Ashot H. Dadalyan.1907 - 1989)

Գուսան Աշոտ

(Աշոտ Հայրապետի Դադալյան.1907- 1989)

Gusanskie songs for his musical and literary and folk-professional features, very expressive and very popular. The historical root of gusanskogo art goes back centuries, from which it inherited the best from the song art of the Armenian people: epic vipasanov /novelist/, secular cheerfulness medieval gusanov, philosophical depth and poetic tags and social-patriotic themes ashug Armenian art. Further development gusanskoy music opened the way to modern professionalism in concert and variety of life. The introduction of multi-voice backing band or choir, dance elements and the gradual involvement of women`s voices in many ways enriched the performance possibilities gusanskogo art. Now, in the art of playing gusanskom a pleiad gusanov possessing distinctive creative personality. Remarkable examples of Armenian folk music created minstrels and ashugs XIX - XX centuries: Havasi, Sherami, Givani, Gusan Ashot Gusan Shaen and others.

Among the authors gusanov one of the famous - Gusan Ashot (1907 - 1989) - People`s Artist of the Armenian SSR (1967), Member of the Writer`s Union of Armenia (1958).

Their teachers gusan Ashot considered Sayat-Nova, Givani, Sherami.

He wrote poetry, composed music, played on kamancha. His songs are distinguished by great thematic diversity and skill in the art of musical composition. The great master of lyrical folk songs, he sang of human life, the mother, the love, of the beauty of his native land.

Works gusan Ashot (over 500 songs) published in four collections of copyright songs (1958, 1974, 1982, 2010) and four collections of poems (1942, 1955, 1979, 1988).

Songs gusan Ashot performed best artists of Armenian folk song: Shara Talia, Vagharshak Sahakyan, Hovhannes Badalyan, Arev Bagdasarian, Ophelia Ambartsumian, Ruben Matevosyan, Raffi Hovhannisyan, Bella Darbinyan Rome Saribekian, Tovmas Pogosyan, Susanna Safarian and others.

In 1978, with the song Gusana Ashot "Tsovastgiks" Flora Martirosyan in Hamburg (Germany) wins International Competition and 15 consecutive years of this song in Armenia was considered a song of the year.